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Are you looking for a smart and accomplished security system for your society?

Security is one of the top headaches for any society as the safety purpose of a resident is non-compressible. The traditional security set up requires the maintenance of registers and depends on the good judgment of the security guards.

We bring to you EezyLife Society Security App to ensure complete safety for your society.

Let’s see how ‘Eezylife System’ app working for visitors management –

‘Eezylife System’ app is a simple and user-friendly software for all gated communities. It is a definitive solution for a safe and secure society. This software/app maintains a log of visitors, security staff attendance and other visitor’s data centrally without holding a register at the gate. Residents in society at a time notified by a call or SMS to verify the visitor’s details. The steps are very simple and easy, the app is cost also effective.

Have a quick look at the main features of the ‘Eezylife System’ app –

Visitor Management – through visitor management entry by the app, society residents will get a call/SMS to get notified about their visitor.

Visitor Log – This log contains detail information of recent visitors that is available for residents to view.

Staff attendance – Daily attendance of society staff (guards, gardener, cleaner, etc.) is maintained through this Eezylife System app.

Service Provider/vendor List – A contact list of all service providers and vendors lists such as electricians, plumbers, etc. is maintained and their entry is also recorded in the Eezylife System’ app.

Maid’s entry – The entry of maids is recorded with the same app as they visit on a daily basis.

Technical requirements –

Android-based smartphone with SIM card which will be used by the security guard.

A Gmail ID for society manager for resident’s data to be maintained and one Gmail ID for security guard’s android phone.

The app is user-friendly for anyone having basic experience of handling the android phone. So hurry up, contact us to make your society secure and safe. We are ready to assist through the EezyLife Systems Society Security management App.

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