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Beware & Connect with Care: Keep Your Society Safe and Secure with EezyLife’s Visitor Management System

From our infancy, elders keep on saying, “Do not let the strangers come in.” Are you still allowing strangers in your apartment without any proper identification? Why are you still risking your family by not opting for any Community Management service that provides you a strong apartment security system? 

While you are wandering among these questions, we have just one solution for you – EezyLife, a one-stop community management system that comes with powerful Visitor Management service to protect you and to make your daily journey an easylife.

How Does EezyLife’s Visitor Management Shield Your Apartment:

Infallible Visitor Check-in: Through the EezyLife Guard app the guard of the society register each visitor by filling necessary details like name, contact number, vehicle number, and type (if any), visiting address, and visitor type.EezyLife’s apartment security system is so tight and secured that a single fly cannot pass without verification.

Pre-Approval of Visitor: Say goodbye to the pen and paper hazardous method. A unique feature of the resident app is that the residents can even invite any visitor by going to My Visitors option, in which the Invite Visitor option is present. There, the resident has to put the necessary details of the visitor, so that at the time of entry, invited visitors can easily check-in by telling the guard 4–digit pin

Daily Visitors: Now you don’t even have to worry about the daily visitor’s security that includes maids, delivery person, society employees, security person, etc.  All the necessary documentation is mandatory on the first visit of the daily visitors. Later, they just have to mark check-in and check-out timing.

EezyLife’s apartment security system faithfully keeps what yours, yours. In and Out Monitoring: Whenever a visitor, be it your guest or your daily house staff checks in or out, all the records are stored into the database of the both Resident and the Guard app. This empowers your apartment security system to keep an eye on every entry and exit.

From the residents to the visitors, all are authenticated and checked diligently and then are permitted to enter. While people prefer gated communities for better security options, EezyLife’s mighty apartment security system provides the joy of security, turning life into easylife.

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