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Small or large, every housing society needs Society Management software

When you manage a housing society, it is imperative to keep the communication channels updated and live. If the operations and maintenance activities are being carried out manually, then you need to put extensive efforts in keeping everybody on the same page.

The best and smart way is to install and use EezyLife Systems software.It offers multiple channels to communicate with members, vendors, and other stakeholders. It minimizes the possibility of communication gap amongst people.

They know the dues to be paid by next month, what are the events that will be organized shortly, or what are the reports to be submitted?

We are here, because we serve better. This attitude is the driving force to constantly improve on our services and Add Values to our services. Our reputation and success lies in our services. “Once a Customer, always a Customer” EezyLife systems is a web-based Housing Society Management solution for residential & Housing Societies.

EezyLife Systems offers you hassle-free platform to transform your society, making it highly functional and easily manageable. Developed by an expert team with over 2 years of experience handling society matters, this software enables even a new comer to participate in the management process.

EezyLife Systems makes your life easy through these services:

  • Maintain Society Account
  • Pay Society bill using DC/CC card
  • Maintain info of all member in society
  • Lodge complain/work request online
  • Manage Activity / Events
  • Manage Polls
  • Manage Lost and Found

We have also developed our own software to handle Billing and Accounts related requirements of our clients. The Billing & Accounts combined with professional management has become strength of many of our clients. In a field where the Accountant / Manager normally changes along with a change in the Managing Committee.

100% Automated Society Billing & Collections with Zero Convenience Charge Automatically raise maintenance due demand notes every month.

  • Raise and send invoices against all or select flats based on formulae or fixed value or both.
  • Set up Recurring Invoices to be sent out automatically on a given date every month.
  • Send Email / SMS / In-App push notification reminders for overdue invoices.
  • Up to date Defaulters Report- at any time.
  • Automatically detect the transfer, records the payment against the flat, issues a receipt and make other accounting entries.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us and we will help you setup your own Society Management Software.

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