Society Management Software

Why are people excited about the ‘EezyLife society management app’?

Do you know what people choose nowadays when they look for a residential property?

They look for a well-maintained garden and a lavish swimming pool. They want a posh guest house and a classy walking track. But more than all these things, they want extensive housing society management software to manage the administrative task. They don’t like manual system with bundles of paperwork and handwritten records. Yes, when you offer a wonderful residential complex, it should be ahead of others in every aspect. Your housing society management software should be the best and the latest. When you have new and improved software available, don’t waste money on buying old-styled inefficient software. Spend some time in research and grab the best option.

Why do you need residential apartment management software? If you want to live in a big housing society that has many buildings and apartments, then the task of managing administrative affairs would be a big challenge. It is impossible to do it manually, and you need refined housing management software. Whether it is the collection of utility dues (water and electricity charges, maintenance, etc.) or managing common utilities, or handling statutory reports; you need a computerized system for it.

You can create the directory of all owners, flats, and residents. Managing information becomes easy and efficient. You can have an at-a-glance view of all units along with the built-up and super built-up area. The society management committee has easy access to sale status or occupancy stats of each flat in the society along with owner or tenant details.

Eezylife systems app’ offers self-help portals to the members so that they can manage utility bill payment at their convenience. User-based login gives access to personal data and utility bills. So, members no need to wait until the due date.

How to pick the best software?

By the time you must have understood the need of having society management software. However, you are still wondering about how to select the perfect software? Well, you can search the best society management software in Delhi NCR on the Internet. Many software developers are there offering excellent quality and services modules. You should check functionality and technical aspects. Compare two or three choices to choose the best. Though you should not be exceptional while standing up to the software, don’t cut corners either.

The app is user-friendly for anyone having basic experience of handling the android phone. So get in touch, contact us to make your society secure and safe. We are ready to assist through the EezyLife SystemsSociety Security management App.

Society Management Software

Are you looking for a smart and accomplished security system for your society?

Security is one of the top headaches for any society as the safety purpose of a resident is non-compressible. The traditional security set up requires the maintenance of registers and depends on the good judgment of the security guards.

We bring to you EezyLife Society Security App to ensure complete safety for your society.

Let’s see how ‘Eezylife System’ app working for visitors management –

‘Eezylife System’ app is a simple and user-friendly software for all gated communities. It is a definitive solution for a safe and secure society. This software/app maintains a log of visitors, security staff attendance and other visitor’s data centrally without holding a register at the gate. Residents in society at a time notified by a call or SMS to verify the visitor’s details. The steps are very simple and easy, the app is cost also effective.

Have a quick look at the main features of the ‘Eezylife System’ app –

Visitor Management – through visitor management entry by the app, society residents will get a call/SMS to get notified about their visitor.

Visitor Log – This log contains detail information of recent visitors that is available for residents to view.

Staff attendance – Daily attendance of society staff (guards, gardener, cleaner, etc.) is maintained through this Eezylife System app.

Service Provider/vendor List – A contact list of all service providers and vendors lists such as electricians, plumbers, etc. is maintained and their entry is also recorded in the Eezylife System’ app.

Maid’s entry – The entry of maids is recorded with the same app as they visit on a daily basis.

Technical requirements –

Android-based smartphone with SIM card which will be used by the security guard.

A Gmail ID for society manager for resident’s data to be maintained and one Gmail ID for security guard’s android phone.

The app is user-friendly for anyone having basic experience of handling the android phone. So hurry up, contact us to make your society secure and safe. We are ready to assist through the EezyLife Systems Society Security management App.

Society Management Software

Pay Society Dues on EezyLife App

Will you want to pay all your society bills in one place?

Then ‘EezyLife System’ mobile app is for you, it makes your life easier.

India’s best online housing society management software ‘EezyLife System’ has designed one of the best integrated online payment gateway mobile applications that allow flat owners to view and pay their society bills right from the ‘EezyLife system’ mobile app. Upgrading the new way a housing society functions, this is the latest technology that has achieved and important discovery or development in housing society space. The company has seen a wonderful year with substantial increases in society (Apartments) registered for the ‘EezyLife System’ portal.

The new app is supported by a new user interface designed to provide intensify functionality and a more intuitive user experience. The app which has an excellent UI is super-fast and it supports all the swipes and gestures commonly used on smart mobile phones. It is also ready for Android and IOS both.

Just focus on one thing the people are busy in other important things, the app makes it easier for its user to view bills and make payments via debit/credit card/net banking/UPI on the go. Now no need to wait for those paper bills or invoices to reach your doorstep and then drop your cheque in the society bills collection box.

As more and more users want to access the EezyLife System service from their mobile smartphones, EezyLife System has worked intensively on offering new features on the EezyLife System mobile app for smartphones. In parallel, it has completely redesigned its user interface of the app so that the additional services can be integrated and accommodated in an attractive and natural way fully aligned and embedded within the designed guidelines of each native operating system.

As more and more users want to access the EezyLife System service from their mobile smartphones, EezyLife System has worked intensively on offering new features on the EezyLife System mobile app for smartphones. In parallel, it has completely redesigned its user interface of the app so that the additional services can be integrated and accommodated in an attractive and natural way fully aligned and embedded within the designed guidelines of each native operating system.

There is multiple software available on the market, but I would like to suggest only.

EezyLife System

It’s very responsive on speed, easy to use, Affordability is best in competition. And also provide very good training and support by the relationship manager.

Get in touch with us and we will help you set up your own Society Management Software.

Society Management Software

Residential & Apartment Society Management Software

What all do you need to manage your housing society better?

Well, we do not mean aesthetic improvements such as applying new color scheme or changing the landscape. Yes, they are also important, but here we mean qualitative improvement in the management of day-to-day affairs.

How can you connect better with the society members? When you are the member of society management committee, you would love to connect with everyone in the society. Do you think it is possible? It is not because you have a time crunch. In the modern world of technology, you can do it in another way. You can implement a  Residential & Apartment Society Management Software.which is actually a full-fledged management system. It has modules and sub-modules and a long array of reports.

With proven capabilities, it is an asset for your society

Keeping track of operational and administrative activities becomes amazingly simple when you install a Residential & Apartment Society Management Software by EezyLife System. You can shape a good future by streamlining operational things. Not only the routine and repetitive tasks become fast and accurate; you can also broadcast the information quickly to each stakeholder.

Whether it is a customized product or generic online society maintenance softwareimproved efficiency is guaranteed. Yes, you need money for it, but the benefits supersede the expenses. Nowadays, you can implement cloud-based software also if you don’t want to spend on hardware and infrastructure.

Handle Complaint and suggestion management better With EezyLife System

In big societies, there are plenty of members. Each member has some or other problem, complaint, and suggestion. Taking care of the same is next to impossible manually. Why worry when you can manage it using theResidential & Apartment Society Management Software?

Yes, there is a complaint tracking module in EezyLife  society management software that enables the members to launch complaints and record the suggestions. Management committee can decide the frequency of looking into the same and revert (usually it is kept once a week).

It is a workflow-based tracking system where everyone can see the progress of the request, suggestion or complaint.

Whether it is a personal complaint (related to own flat) or a community complaint related to common area), it flows through approval and escalation metrics.

Some large societies offer helpdesk support to manage complaint and suggestions. In such case, they should look for compatible Residential & Apartment Society Management Software that can integrate voice system with data.

Compare your choices on the basis of predefined parameters and achieve the best society Management Software out of it.

Society Management Software

EezyLife systems – Apartment Management and Society Accounting Software

Small or large, every housing society needs Society Management software

When you manage a housing society, it is imperative to keep the communication channels updated and live. If the operations and maintenance activities are being carried out manually, then you need to put extensive efforts in keeping everybody on the same page.

The best and smart way is to install and use EezyLife Systems software.It offers multiple channels to communicate with members, vendors, and other stakeholders. It minimizes the possibility of communication gap amongst people.

They know the dues to be paid by next month, what are the events that will be organized shortly, or what are the reports to be submitted?

We are here, because we serve better. This attitude is the driving force to constantly improve on our services and Add Values to our services. Our reputation and success lies in our services. “Once a Customer, always a Customer” EezyLife systems is a web-based Housing Society Management solution for residential & Housing Societies.

EezyLife Systems offers you hassle-free platform to transform your society, making it highly functional and easily manageable. Developed by an expert team with over 2 years of experience handling society matters, this software enables even a new comer to participate in the management process.

EezyLife Systems makes your life easy through these services:

  • Maintain Society Account
  • Pay Society bill using DC/CC card
  • Maintain info of all member in society
  • Lodge complain/work request online
  • Manage Activity / Events
  • Manage Polls
  • Manage Lost and Found

We have also developed our own software to handle Billing and Accounts related requirements of our clients. The Billing & Accounts combined with professional management has become strength of many of our clients. In a field where the Accountant / Manager normally changes along with a change in the Managing Committee.

100% Automated Society Billing & Collections with Zero Convenience Charge Automatically raise maintenance due demand notes every month.

  • Raise and send invoices against all or select flats based on formulae or fixed value or both.
  • Set up Recurring Invoices to be sent out automatically on a given date every month.
  • Send Email / SMS / In-App push notification reminders for overdue invoices.
  • Up to date Defaulters Report- at any time.
  • Automatically detect the transfer, records the payment against the flat, issues a receipt and make other accounting entries.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us and we will help you setup your own Society Management Software.

Society Management Software

What are customer expectations from EezyLife in the residents & commercial spaces?

Customer satisfaction reflects the expectations and experiences that the customer has with a product or service. Consumer expectations reflect both past and current product evaluation and user experiences.

Think about any major purchases you’ve made recently. Did you research your purchase? Did you collect information from advertising, salespersons, friends, associates, or even test the product? This information influences our expectations and gives us the ability to evaluate quality, value, and the ability of the product or service to meet our needs and expectations.

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 “EezyLife System” web and mobile application

It’s very Responsive on speed, Simple to use, Affordability is best in competition. Also very good training and support by relationship manager.

Get in touch with us and we will help you setup your own Society Management Software.

Society Management Software

What made you feel the need for a society management app?

As urbanization grow people start living in building, Residential complex, or residential Housing society, for functioning smoothly Members of building, complex or housing society form a Management for under rule of Co-operative housing society or Apartment of association.

To function an operation of society smoothly management committee charge service charge or maintenance charge to their society member depend on Flat/ Bungalow area, BHK. And utilise all this fund to keep maintain the society area premise. If look at society with minimum maintenance charge of Rs. 1000/ Month for society of 70 flat society then turn over goes minimum up to 8-10 lacs.

Society has use its fund very carefully and transparent because they have to go through annual Audit. Some of society have very rich their annual transaction is more than crore. But sometime we see in management committee have very less knowledge of accounting and Society management. So they keep an Accountant or Employee for daily working of society.

In this case society not become transparent because any committee member don’t have any knowledge how much daily cash the accountant has collected , how much cash is expense , Because committee keep trust on the employee. I have seen many society where a manager use 5 thousands– 60 thousand cash for his personal use and society don’t have knowledge about it. Because they did it record manually or software which management committee are not able to operate. So this create mess in operating the society and may possibility of fraud.

Sometime employee or manager is very honest but he don’t able keep proper record of cash , payment received because society is not able to afford such employee with such skill, so during audit or accounting they don’t have proper record of transaction.

While facing such issue society committee also face internal turbulence as some society’s treasurer or secretary resign from society, because of personal issue or internal committee conflict in such case it’s very hard to understand what kind of mess he left in accounting record. In such cases society can’t stop its daily operating for smooth functioning of society , to avoid hard-hit problem society are facing society’s should use a software.

There are so many software available in market but I would like to suggest.

EezyLife System

It’s very Responsive on speed, Simple to use, Affordability is best in competition. Also very good training and support by relationship manager.

Get in touch with us and we will help you setup your own Society Management Software.

Society Management Software

Why EezyLife is the most preferred Apartment management solution all over North India?

EezyLife System is one among several available Apartment Management Apps. Our customers have many other options that provide similar services. But what makes EezyLifeSystemthe most preferred apartment management service in India?

Thought Leaders:

We believe in setting the benchmark for our field. Our innovation is nearly two years ahead of any other portal in Society Accounting and Social Management. We are the first to bring Society Management to the Smart Phone Generation. We introduced India’s first and only Collection Gateway for housing societies to solve the problem of NEFT reconciliations for every Housing Society. Using Collection Gateway residents can add the unique account number allocated to them as beneficiary and automate the monthly transfer of dues.

Super High Configurability:

Life in each apartment complex is different. The requirements and expectations from each one are unique to that complex. We understand this perfectly. As a consequence, our portal is super customizable. You can configure the plan to your requirements at prices that are pocket-friendly.

Data Security:

At EezyLife System, we understand that cybersecurity is extremely important. Your personal information is kept extremely secure and access to it is limited. No information is divulged without your express permission. Beyond this, EezyLifeSystemis the first portal that offers secure browsing using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Data Security is one of our primary aims.

Data Privacy:

EezyLife System offers the most private portal in the industry. We do not bombard you to buy from various service providers to earn commissions.

Support for Federations:

EezyLife System is the first portal that offers support for Federation of RWAs. Federation of RWAs can add member associations and easily communicate across all. Notices posted in Federation can reach all members of its member associations providing a unified platform for the entire neighbourhood. This means that it is not just about your complex who can benefit- but about the entire neighbourhood!

Easy to use:

EezyLife System offers a “Complete Society Management Package” that can be used by Society/Residential and commercial gated communities In addition, EezyLife System supports multiple roles like Utilities payment, parking management, visitor’s management, book activities/events, and also lodged complaints by EezyLife app. EezyLife System software is designed and developed by a team with real-life experience in society as committee members and so we understand what you need.

Excellent Support:

We strive to delight our customers, period. You have live chat, email-based support, phone-based support, online help, and manuals to take care of your needs.

EezyLife System is dedicated to making the management of your apartment complex a well-oiled machine. For that, we believe that convenience is key. To bring this convenience to your apartment/society complex click here to create a free portal.

Get in touch with us and we will help you setup your own Society Management Software.