Society Management Software

Residential & Apartment Society Management Software

What all do you need to manage your housing society better?

Well, we do not mean aesthetic improvements such as applying new color scheme or changing the landscape. Yes, they are also important, but here we mean qualitative improvement in the management of day-to-day affairs.

How can you connect better with the society members? When you are the member of society management committee, you would love to connect with everyone in the society. Do you think it is possible? It is not because you have a time crunch. In the modern world of technology, you can do it in another way. You can implement a  Residential & Apartment Society Management Software.which is actually a full-fledged management system. It has modules and sub-modules and a long array of reports.

With proven capabilities, it is an asset for your society

Keeping track of operational and administrative activities becomes amazingly simple when you install a Residential & Apartment Society Management Software by EezyLife System. You can shape a good future by streamlining operational things. Not only the routine and repetitive tasks become fast and accurate; you can also broadcast the information quickly to each stakeholder.

Whether it is a customized product or generic online society maintenance softwareimproved efficiency is guaranteed. Yes, you need money for it, but the benefits supersede the expenses. Nowadays, you can implement cloud-based software also if you don’t want to spend on hardware and infrastructure.

Handle Complaint and suggestion management better With EezyLife System

In big societies, there are plenty of members. Each member has some or other problem, complaint, and suggestion. Taking care of the same is next to impossible manually. Why worry when you can manage it using theResidential & Apartment Society Management Software?

Yes, there is a complaint tracking module in EezyLife  society management software that enables the members to launch complaints and record the suggestions. Management committee can decide the frequency of looking into the same and revert (usually it is kept once a week).

It is a workflow-based tracking system where everyone can see the progress of the request, suggestion or complaint.

Whether it is a personal complaint (related to own flat) or a community complaint related to common area), it flows through approval and escalation metrics.

Some large societies offer helpdesk support to manage complaint and suggestions. In such case, they should look for compatible Residential & Apartment Society Management Software that can integrate voice system with data.

Compare your choices on the basis of predefined parameters and achieve the best society Management Software out of it.

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