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We Guard, We Protect, We Secure: Enjoy the Joy of Security With EezyLife’s Apartment Security Services

If you are living alone but always fear about your safety within your apartment, or if you are a busy person and most of the times have to stay outdoors but always worried about your family’s security at your home, just dust off all the worries as EezyLife has come to erase all your problems with its all-powerful apartment security services to make your journey an easylife.

EezyLife is a one-stop web-based community management system offering top-notch secured services to provide you an excellent, satisfactory experience of daily life, making it more convenient, competent and protected.

Your Security, Our Commitment: All You Need To Know About Out Apartment Security Services:

When you are bewildered to find out proper apartment security services, EezyLife offers,

Flawless Visitor Management: No visitor can enter into your community without proper authentication anymore. Through EezyLife Guard app, your society guard can register visitors by filling in necessary information like name, phone number, vehicle number and vehicle type (if any), tower, and flat number, and visitor’s type.

If any new visitor visits the society, the guard has full access to add his/her description from the option Add New Visitors present in the EezyLife Guard app

Daily Staff Management: For daily visitors like maids, delivery person, society employees, security person, etc, all the necessary documentation is mandatory on the first visit of the daily visitors. Later, they just have to mark check-in and check-out timing.

24×7 Monitoring: EezyLife’s apartment security services are at your service throughout the clock. All the people including visitors, daily staff, and even residents have to mark their In and Out time. Thus all the individuals are under our continuous surveillance.

Pre-Approval of Visitor: Say goodbye to the old-school unsafe and complex method. A unique feature of the resident app is that the residents can even invite any visitor by going to My Visitors option, in which the Invite Visitor option is present. There, the resident has to put the necessary details of the visitor, so that at the time of entry, invited visitors can easily check-in by telling the guard 4–digit pin.


SOS: If you feel any kind of emergency in your apartment, just push our SOS alert button and we are there to help you out.

EezyLife promises an easylife that comes with top-grade apartment security services because we care, we’re security aware. We are the professionals in the watch. We keep watch, so you do not have to.

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