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We Speak Standard: EezyLife Society Management App for Your Gated Community

Have you moved to a gated society for better security and amenities but still not getting the satisfactory services? Or, are you exhausted from the bulk and time-consuming work of community management? Sit back and relax; because EezyLife is here to make your daily experience an easylife, bringing a new wave of elevated living through its powerful, trustworthy, and secure community management services.

EezyLife is a one-stop, web-based, technology-driven community management system that promises you the easy way of homing as our professional team is dedicated to providing high quality, top-notch and secured services – adapted to clients, for your gated community.

What Does EezyLife offer?

All our following services are feasible through our EezyLife Resident App and EezyLife Guard App.

  • Event Management to provide you a fulfilled and elegant experience of events and activities.
  • Polls to enable the community members to cast their digital vote before taking any decision in your gated community.
  • Society Directory to keep the record of all community members securely.
  • Notice to circulate the necessary notices and reminders in society digitally.
  • Lost and Found to help the community members to find out their possessions easily.
  • Complaint Management to find a quick solution for your file complaint.
  • Online Bill Payment to pay the society bills or utility bills staying indoors.
  • Employee Attendance to oversee the entry and exit through technology.
  • Parking Management to help you and your visitor to find out parking slots easily in society.
  • Visitors Management to keep an eye on the entry of people in your community 24×7.
  • Vendors Management to restrict the entry of unknown vendors in your community.
  • SOS to raise an emergency alert anytime within your gated community

We Are Not The Best, But Certainly, We Are Better Than Others:

EezyLife justifies its name; this society app makes your life an easylife and for that, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person or a geek.

We are always committed to your service. This unique society app brings the residents of your gated community altogether. Compiling all the features, EezyLife, itself is an amalgamation of novel cultures. All the community management services, just in one app, and all your palpitations are vanished. Your society will be transformed into a top-notch one and the residents can tune their lives in complete composure.

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