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JioMart, a venture of Reliance Retail Limited, enjoys a unique position in the Indian retail space. It is perhaps the only retail operation to have a strong presence online as well as retail outlets throughout India. JioMart serves over 5 million customers through 11780 stores across 6700 cities.

JioMart has ambitious plans to become India's number one e-commerce and retail platform. It is a smart move to set up your store on JioMart. EezyLife Solutions, India's premier Ecommerce facilitator, offers JioMart seller account management services to get you started on the high road to prosperity.

EezyLife Solutions JioMart seller account management service is comprehensive and encompasses all operations relating to a retailer selling through the JioMart platform. The essence of JioMart account management service is that EezyLife Solution employs its expertise to get sellers on board the platform, assist them with product photography and product write-ups, and post these to the newly created storefront.

This is followed by ongoing support to help sellers manage orders on JioMart, manage and track shipments, deliveries, and returns and manage the financial side followed by digital marketing, promotion, and analytics to fine-tune operations.

Why Choose Us for your Jiomart Seller Account Management

Professionals can provide a range of services to help sellers on Amazon, such as:

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Have the Perfect Store on Jiomart With Our Help

EezyLife is your perfect Jiomart marketplace account manager. We offer A to Z services to help you get off to a flying start with your storefront on Jiomart. Our complete suite of Jiomart seller services comprises of Jiomart SEO services, Jiomart brand store creation, helping you choose products, write compelling content based on keyword analysis, create striking images and back it with strong promotion to help your products become top selling products on Jiomart. Your store on Jiomart stays at the top and spins money for you.

Product Listing Optimization Services to Rank Your Store High On Jiomart

EezyLife Solution's Jiomart product listing optimization services are done expertly to leverage Jiomart's algorithms and our in-depth analytics of the way buyers search for products to buy on Jiomart. EezyLife's Jiomart product listing services in India facing is part of our overall expertise in Ecommerce product listing services for all major platforms.

We address and optimize all components that contribute to higher ranking in product searches made by prospective buyers on Jiomart. Or Jiomart seller product listing optimization service harmonizes and polishes these components:

Why Become A JioMart Seller?

  • Up to now the top ecommerce giants are Amazon and Flipkart. All that is set to change with JioMart set to become a prominent player in the online ecommerce retail space.
  • The company has ambitious plans for growth in the near future. It has the resources and the infrastructure to go to the top.
  • Now is the right time to join the JioMart platform and march towards prosperity. JioMart is uniquely placed in the retail space.
  • It has top-flight online retail ecommerce operations and it has a chain of over 11780 stores in over 6700 cities across India.
  • This mix will give retailers a unique opportunity to sell online as well as offline.
  • No other online marketplace offers anything that comes close.
  • Register your brand on JioMart and get off to a running start! JioMart is a Reliance Retail Limited venture.
  • Reliance is known to come up with unbeatable bargain offers for customers and it engages heavily in such promotions, such as new deals every day, that prove to be a win-win for sellers and buyers.
  • Another JioMart advantage is that it offers a wide range of product categories covering home & kitchen, apparel, electronics, sports goods and, importantly, groceries.
  • Buyers on JioMart are likely to enjoy benefits of loyalty and may prefer JioMart for all their purchases, especially if JioMart were to offer home delivery services.
  • JioMart seller registration is easy just let us handle it.
  • EezyLife Solutions assists brick and mortar store owners to transition to online operations on the JioMart marketplace through its JioMart account management services.
  • Those who would like to start a business are likewise welcomed and supported by Digicom to succeed on JioMart. Sign up here today to get started.

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EezyLife Solutions is India's leading Alibaba seller service provider. We are equally adept in helping sellers get on to various Indian and international Ecommerce marketplaces in the B2C and B2B segments. To date, we have successfully assisted over 7500 small and medium businesses to transform their local operations to international online e-commerce-based operations with resounding success. The other marketplaces where we offer our services to help you succeed as a seller are:

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FAQ - Customer Question for the Service

Jiomart is a global online ecommerce marketplace with localized presence in different countries. It provides sellers a chance to reach out to million of customers and achieve instant, dramatic growth. Your operations will be transformed from a brick and mortar store to a national or international business without spending a ton on marketing. Jiomart even takes care of shipment and packing for you.

There are steps to becoming a seller on the Jiomart marketplace. EezyLife will help you to become an JioMart seller. In brief, you must be a registered business with GST and be authorized to sell branded products. You will need to register with JioMart as a seller and then create your storefront. Buyers will see your products during searches on JioMart and, if they place an order, JioMart notifies you. You pack and the JioMart delivery partner picks it up and arranges for onward dispatch to the buyer.

No. There are two ways JioMart works. One way is for you to keep inventory and prepare the package for shipment on receiving an order in which case the JioMart designated courier picks up the package from your warehouse. The other way is the FBA way in which you dispatch products in bulk to be stored in Jiomart´┐Żs warehouses from where they will ship directly to buyer on receiving an order.

The seller can decide at which price to sell products on Jiomart. However, you will note that sellers cannot just fix any price; they have to see the prices at which similar products are sold on Jiomart and price their product accordingly to be competitive.

Normal sellers are required to maintain an inventory and, when notified of a sale, they must package the product in the Jiomart supplied packaging and label them. A designated courier picks it up for onward dispatch. FBA sellers do not have to worry about individual shipments. They dispatch products in bulk to Jiomart warehouse from where JioMart ships individual orders.

Use EezyLife JioMart seller registration service to get registered and then let EezyLife create your catalogue and product listing after JioMart approves your application. Once the storefront is live you can sell on JioMart.

The seller decides the price of the product. Keep in mind the prices charged by other competitors on Jiomart, the Jiomart fees, shipment, taxes and your profits when you fix the sale price on Jiomart.

Individuals, small businesses and large businesses, traders and manufacturers can all sell on the JioMart marketplace. Even service providers can use JioMart to reach a wider audience.

JioMart is one of the biggest global marketplaces but it allows you to sell only products permitted in its list. Some prohibited products cannot be sold. Service providers can make use of the JioMart platform to offer services such as house cleaning, education and others.

You will need to have PAN and GST registration certificates as well as such other certificates depending on the nature of your business. A partnership deed, bank account statement, certificate of incorporation and proof of business and address are some documents you must keep ready for submission.

JioMart will not levy any charges for registration and listing your products on JioMart. However, when a product is sold, JioMart will deduct their charges from the total received and remit the balance to the seller.

Amazon will transfer payments directly to your bank account seven days after they receive payment for a successful shipment. JioMart will deduct its fees from the total amount and remit the balance to the seller.

There is no specific mandatory requirement about the minimum number of products to sell on JioMart. You can start with just one if you like but it is better to have more.

JioMart charges different fees such as product category based fees, fees based on price of product, shipping and handling, taxes and fulfillment fees for services.